Season 1 (2010/12)Edit

This season contained 20 episodes. The episodes "Thunder Angel/Demon Dad", "Frisky Business/My Fair Manny", "Supernatural Happy Campers/Lucky Angel" and "Devil and Gevil/Law and Odor" were the highest rated episodes in the series so far.

Angel Partners / Devil Room-matesEdit

"Angel Partners": Manny Ramierez is now an mexican-american agent of the super-secret undercover organization Angel of Death Force (A.O.D.F.) and his reluctant new partner,Reina Suarez. The heroic super agents team up to stop Sergio, D.E.V.I.L’s ill-mannered supreme leader, from enslaving all of the corpses in Mexopolis. Together, Manny and Reina promise to be quite an imposing crime-fighting duo. "The Devil Room-mates": When Reina’s life is in danger, it’s up to Manny to save his crime-fighting sidekick from the villainous El Cambiar de forma. Unfortunately one problem remains: who will protect Reina from Manny’s unique brand of “protection?” 

"Cruisin' for a Bruisin' / Angel Love"Edit

"Cruisin' for a Bruisin'": To distract Manny from bothering her on A.O.D.F.’s vacation cruise, Reina lies and tells him that they’re on a stakeout. Little does she know, Serio and his iceberg of D.E.V.I.L are actually headed right for their cruise ship. "Angel Love": Manny gets a crush for the new temp at A.O.D.F., Zoe Jolie. Reina and Bella help him woo her before realizing it’s the Cambiar de forma in disguise bent on destroying A.O.D.F headquarters for good. 

"Mall Demon/ Operation: Happy Birthday"Edit

"Mall Demon": After spending time in prison, Sergio convinces the A.O.D.F. agents that he wants to shed his acts of villainy. Reina remains unconvinced even when Sergio goes on a “good deed” spree and gives out free goodies to the citizens of Mexopolis. When Sergio reveals his true intentions and launches the crowded Mexopolis mall into the sun, it’s up to Reina to save them from imminent danger. "Operation: Happy Birthday": Manny is determined to give Reina the best birthday of her life, so he plans a surprise party at A.O.D.F. HQ and give her what she's always wanted: to defeat a bad guy during her special day. But the festivities are threatened when the crime-busting duo’s latest mission requires them to stop Sergio’s plan to rid the world of cheese with a giant cheese magnet. 

"Sergionapped / Mom-A-Geddon"Edit

"Sergionapped": Bella is convinced by Sergio to build D.E.V.I.L a new doomsday device, after he starts feeling that A.O.D.F. can't show empathy. "Mom-A-Geddon": Manny hasn't told his overprotective mother, Peg Ramierez, that he is a A.O.D.F. super spy. However, when the maniacal genius majadero takes Peg prisoner, Manny must save her and, in the process, reveal his career as a crime-fighting agent. 

"Angel Daze / Eternal Affairs"Edit

"Angel Daze": Sergio is convinced that he will never be able to reach his goal of supremacy over Mexopolis as long as Manny works for A.O.D.F. Sergio hatches a plan—to make Manny act so crazy that Chief will be forced to fire him. "Eternal Affairs": When Manny is accidentally shrunk to the size of a demon, he convinces Chief to be his partner on one last “tiny” super secret mission. However, he questions Chief’s judgement when they’re both devoured by Cambiar de forma. 

"Chilly Angel / The Devils"Edit

"Chilly Angel": Things get frosty when Manny and Reina’s latest secret mission requires that the crime-fighting duo go undercover as ice skaters after the world’s greatest figure skaters are kidnapped. And to get in, it will involve some crossdressing... "The Devils": Disguised as super villains, Manny and Reina attend the “Devil Awards,” an award show in which villains show off some of their pesky and evil moves. Once again, it’s up to the fearless heroes to foil each crime before their identities are discovered. 

"Watch Angel / Angel Dish"Edit

"Watch Angel": Using a time travel watch, Manny tries to go back to the past to outwit Reina for the last doughnut left in the A.O.D.F. snack room...or know every answer in second grade. However,Manny somehow accidentally alters the course of time and creates Mexopolis in which the malevolent Sergio rules and everyone at the agency works for him it is up to Manny to save Mexopolis. "Angel Dish": Manny’s forced to wear an fur coat. When he finally stops sulking, Manny discovers an ingenious way to use the coat to his advantage to save Reina from an invisible Sergio's horde of dangerous villains.

"Thunder Angel / Demon Dad"Edit

"Thunder Angel": Reina helps Manny to get rid of his fear of thunder in order to stop majadero from using his thunder cannon to bury Mexopolis in an avalanche by using a necklace.

"Demon Dad": Sergio and Manny’s mother, Peg, have fallen in love. Things couldn’t get any worse, or so Manny thinks, until Sergio is inspired by his new girlfriend to turn a new leaf upside down and becomes the newest member of A.O.D.F.

"Iron Angel / The Wrong Stuff"Edit

"Iron Angel": Bella builds a large body suit that Manny wore, and refuse to take off, to make him Mexopolis's most popular hero, but when all the fame gets to his head, it is up to Reina to deflate his huge body and save Mexopolis. "The Wrong Stuff": Reina's old partner, Jack Reaper, tries to recruit Reina to work for him at his new secret agency D.E.A.T.H. Manny doesn't trust Jack and saves Reina from his evil clutches in the nick of time. 

"Forget Me Angel / Mind Trap"Edit

"Forget Me Angel": Manny is the only A.O.D.F. agent who overhears Sergio’s latest diabolical plan. Unfortunately, he develops a form of amnesia which has him believing he’s the Chief, Reina, Bella, and Sergio. Reina is left to thwart D.E.V.I.L’s latest evil plan. "Mind Trap": Manny, Reina, and Bella try on a mind-reading helmet and are insulted by Chief's secret opinion of them. Sergio steals the mind-reading helmet, goes on a wild crime spree and kidnaps Chief.

"Frisky Business / My Fair Manny"Edit

"Frisky Business": Peg goes out of town for a few days, leaving Manny on his own for the first time in his whole life! Manny can't wait – he'll get to do all the things he doesn't do! "My Fair Manny" Manny's entered the Mexopolis beauty pageant, but when his hair grows back with his ability to be a A.O.D.F. agent and gets Reina once again in trouble with the Cambiar de forma, he'll have to make an epic choice: save Reina or win the coveted pageant prize – his own trophy! 

"Kid Stuff / Supernatural Crime Busters"Edit

"Kid Stuff": After discovering a long-forgotten A.O.D.F. rule that prohibits agents from using their blasters in the presence of children, Sergio begins bringing kids to the scene of all of his crimes. By disguising Bella as a beloved children’s TV star, Manny and Reina are able to lure the kids to safety and foil Sergio’s plan. "Supernatural Crime Busters": A documentary-style TV show spends a day profiling A.O.D.F. and its super-star agents, but much to the agents’ embarrassment, the television crew arrives on the most boring day at A.O.D.F. Can the A.O.D.F. agents make the television crew impressed in A.O.D.F., or will the television crew consider A.O.D.F. the most boring agency? 

"Disobedience School / The Angel Who Cried Human"Edit

"Disobedience School": The A.O.D.F. agents are excited to go to Angel Land, until they learn about Sergio's new school for criminals. Manny must go undercover and infiltrate the new school - while the rest of the A.O.D.F. agents have a fun time at Angel Land! "The Angel Who Cried Human": It's Manny's turn to pick up the office lunch, but is goes horribly awry when he reeled from the human world up an insane,timid and scared human named Jose, who not only wants to go into the underworld!

"The Demon Pack / Booby Trap"Edit

"The Demon Pack": When Bella's cloning machine ends up in the wrong hands, Mexopolis is overrun by Sergios looting and destroying everything in their path! Things look pretty desperate for A.O.D.F. when Sergio sends his clone army to destroy them, but Manny has a few tricks up his sleeve, including a few extra Mannys! "Booby Trap"Majadero's discovery that he is the last blue-bottomed booby in Mexopolis lands him on the endangered species list and, unfortunately, off A.O.D.F.'s "Most Wanted" list as they are not allowed to touch him with his newly acquired status! Will Manny and Reina be forced to sit idly by as Majadero plunders the town? Knowing Manny and Reina, not for long! 

"Supernatural Happy Campers / Lucky Angel"Edit

"Supernatural Happy Campers": Determined to avenge his youth, Sergio has returned to Camp Demon to win the coveted "Camp Champ" award by any means necessary and by cheating! Manny and Reina go undercover as campers, but foiling Sergio may just push him to do something even more diabolical! "Lucky Angel": Manny's had a lucky charm and Reina get rid of Manny's bad luck charm. 

"Guard Angel / Angel Save the Queen"Edit

"Guard Angel": When the Cambiar de forma witnesses Sergio committing a crime in a neighboring town, he agrees to testify against him. It's up to Manny to keep the Cambiar de forma safe from Sergio on the long train ride to Pillsburgh! But who will keep Manny safe from the Cambiar de forma's weird habits? "Angel Save the Queen": When the Cambiar de forma threatens to relieve the Queen of England of her Crown Jewels, Manny and Reina are called in to assist B.A.O.D.F – the British Angel of Death Fighting Force. But rooting out the Cambiar de  forma in a strange land proves to be quite challenging, especially with the language barrier! Thus they must keep the Cambiar de forma in England because they weren't assisted by S.C.A.O.D.F., R.A.O.D.F. or G.R.A.O.D.F. to go after him. 

"DEVIL and GEVIL / Law and Odor"Edit

"Law and Odor": Mexopolis' worst smelling villain, la chinche, has returned to make life odorous for A.O.D.F. Bella has a cold and Manny's super sensitive snout is rendering him helpless. A.O.D.F. needs a plan and fast, before La Chinche turns Mexopolis into a cesspool of stench!

"Devil and Gevil": Lecho has finally snapped under Sergio's ruthless authority and forms his own evil agency, dubbed G.E.V.I.L. - Genius Lecho's Evil Victim intelligence legion . Much to Manny and Reina's chagrin, it turns out Lecho is better than Sergio at being bad!